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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  October 14, 2012 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. this morning, breaking news overnight. the search for a predator and a community on edge. an attempted child abduction reported in colorado as a community right nearby mourns the gruesome death of a missing 10-year-old girl. the question this morning, are these cases related? another breaking story we're covering. collision at sea. a u.s. navy cruiser rams a nuclear-powered submarine in exercises off the east coast. how could this have happened? mama oprah. the queen of all media talks about being mother to 19 girls. oprah winfrey opening up in an
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exclusive interview about her emotional journey with the first class of her academy. she discusses the future of her cable network, own. and royal treatment. the 16-year-old who beat a potentially lethal flesh-eating bacteria. this morning, the moving honor her classmates have bestowed upon her. and good morning, everyone. we're counting down to the next presidential debate. round two of the prize fight between president obama and mitt romney will be a battle for momentum in the final weeks before election day. we'll look at who's got the advantage heading into tuesday night. >> give you a sense of the stakes here. president obama taking four days off the trail hunkering down for debate prep. we'll get into that with jake tapper coming up. also, he's the austrian
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daredevil getting ready to dive from the edge of space. we're live from roswell, new mexico. they've just now given the weather clear. ginger zee has done a lot of crazy stuff for the sake of this broadcast. this is her next thing. what do you think? >> right after felix does it. we'll see how it goes first. >> he's setting the bar high. >> that's the proper attitude of caution. who says becoming a parent means giving up any daredevil indulgences? we'll introduce you to one dad who satisfied his need for speed with this souped up stroller. his plans may surprise you. peter, i hope you're not watching. we're going to switch gears here. beginning with the breaking news out of colorado and the hunt for a child predator. police are investigating an attempted abduction overnight, this latest incident following the disappearance and murder of 10-year-old jessica ridgeway. no word if there is a connection yet. an entire community is on edge.
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authorities are creating a profile of a killer on the loose. here's abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: in a community already on edge, another attempted abduction, just 12 miles down the road from where jessica ridgeway was killed. after being kidnapped. police in golden, colorado, say someone tried to kidnap a 13-year-old boy. his mom snapped a picture of this car. police don't know if the cases are connected. >> i think all children should pay attention to what they're doing. >> reporter: in jessica ridgeway's community this morning, there is sadness, anger, and fear. >> this is horrible. absolutely horrible. >> reporter: that a killer is on the loose. >> i want to stress that we recognize there is a predator at large in our community. >> reporter: jessica's dismembered body was found wednesday, seven miles from where she disappeared october 5th walking to school. fbi profilers believe the suspect likely male. and might have recently missed
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work or suddenly left town. might have changed his appearance or gotten rid of his car. >> we haven't identified a individual. we're talking and conveying to the community the importance of looking at behavioral changes. unfortunately, it's somebody's family member. a neighbor, a friend. >> reporter: dozens of worried residents came to tom for crisis counseling. >> there's a level of fear and anxiety. if something like this could happen and the perpetrator is still at large, are we safe? >> reporter: at the park near jessica's house, there is a growing memorial. >> all: three, two, one. >> reporter: in a community that desperately needs its spirits lifted and a killer brought to justice. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, westminster, colorado. >> jarring to hear the police sthaif got a predator on the loose. we'll continue to cover this story as developments warrant. let's go to ron claiborne with more news. we're going to begin with the collision between two navy
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ships. good morning, everyone. the pentagon is investigating. this cruiser and this submarine collided during routine operations off the coast of florida yesterday. the damage is unclear. the sub's nuclear-powered reactor was not affected. no one was injured. collisions between submarines and surface warships are considered very rare. the last one happened 2009. the toll from the deadly meningitis outbreak has risen. the centers for disease control reports 198 cases across 13 states. 15 people have now died. the latest victim was in indiana. the company that produces peanut butter for trader joe's is expanding the recall to raw and roasted peanuts. after federal regulators found salmonella in raw peanuts at its plant. at least 35 people have been sickened by the outbreak. a huge loss for the new york yankees the baseball playoffs as they open the series against the
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detroit tigers last night. derek jeter, the team's captain, and the heart and soul of the yankees, broke his ankle on what seemed like a routine play. the veteran jeter is now out for the rest of the playoffs. the yankees ended up losing that game to the tigers in extra innings. 12 innings that game went. the space shuttle "endeavour" is late. the space shuttle is reaching the california science center this morning hours after it was supposed to arrive. they had trouble navigating trees and utility poles. the museum is spending about 2 million bucks to replace about 400 trees they had to remove along the route. so far, no scratches to the shuttle. it's come inches from buildings and trees. it's l.a., they're running late in traffic. >> you're keeping your emotions under wraps after staying up late at the yankees game. >> that was tough. i'm going to be at the game again today, though.
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there's always tomorrow in baseball. we're gonna win. and jake is, too. all right, we're going to turn now to politics. the countdown to the next battle between president obama and mitt romney. both men are in intense training for the second debate on with 23 days left before election day, the stakes could not be higher. many believe the president needs a knockout to regain momentum. it's "your voice, your vote." here's abc's david kerley. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning. the president, how serious is he taking this debate? he's hold up in a virginia resort for three days of debate preparation. his performance could blunt romney's place in the poll. the stage is being set in new york. the ring, if you will. for the next debate round. >> i think the stakes are enormous, particularly for the president. >> reporter: round one went to romney. the second round, biden got obama back in the fight, even if the overall debate with ryan was a draw.;v
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now with round three just days away, this morning, the candidates are in their corners. mitt romney in boston. the president in williamsburg, virginia. not for golf, but for debate practice. that's because after the first debate, the president watched the poll numbers tighten after the first debate. with romney moving ahead in virginia in one poll. >> how are you? >> reporter: team obama tells us the president will go after romney on his tax cut plans and his ideas for winding down the war in afghanistan. in tuesday's debate, audience members will ask the questions in the town hall format. >> he's got to be able to go on offense without being offensive to the audience. he's got to go on offense and defend his vision, his path to where he'd take the country in a second serm term. how about aa debate. and i did enjoy myself.
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>> reporter: as for romney, who is energized by the momentum and bigger crowds he's seen since the debate. our debate coach says, keep it up. >> i can't imagine he would get overconfident. he needs to do much of the same he did in the first debate. >> reporter: the big face-off at hofstra set for tuesday night. >> the obama campaign just announced it has more than 4 million donors this cycle. that's a presidential record. >> thank you, david. let's bring in jake tapper for more. abc's chief white house correspondent. he's in washington filling in for george stephanopoulos on "this week." >> i'm senior white house correspondent. not chief. >> never get the title wrong. >> i appreciate the promotion. >> okay. if it was up to me, you would be president itself. on "saturday night live" they were openly mocking joe biden's toothy performance in the debate
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a couple of days ago. showing him laughing at inappropriate moments. i imagine that president obama is not going to take a tack this aggressive. but do you think he'll go for the 47% comment? >> i think so. they are very different guys, president obama and vice president biden. the styles are different. i do think you'll see president obama much more aggressive. he'll talk about the 47% comments that mitt romney made in the secret video tape. in a radio interview on friday, he seemed to blame the fact that that didn't come up in the debate on the media. that was a suggestion that jim lehrer should have brought it up. >> do you think there's concern in the romney camp that the stage may be set for an obama comeback narrative? >> absolutely. they are very sensitive to that. they generally think that the media is in the tank for
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president obama anyway. you have heard paul ryan and other members of the romney/ryan team make that suggestion. they think the media is ready to write the obama comeback story. it's romney's proposition to try to stand in the way of that. by being just as aggressive on tuesday as he was in the last debate. >> how much concern are you hearing from both camps about the fine line they have to walk in terms of attacking while in this pretty delicate town hall style format where regular voters don't like that kind of vitriol? >> it's a good question because, the bottom line is, when you attack people, if i were to attack you right now, your negative ratings would go up. people watching the show would think less of you based on what i said. mine would, too, because people would think less of me for attacking. that's the delicate dance the candidates have to do. i think the town hall makes that a challenge for both romney and obama there. >> jake tapper, our senior white
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house correspondent, soon to be chief white house corresndent, who knees where he'll go from there? jake, thank you very much. he has a big show today. his guests include ohio senator rob portman. bo biden, son of joe biden. and our own martha raddatz, the moderator of the veep debate. also abc news will have live coverage of the next presidential debate on tuesday, starting at 9:00 eastern with diane sawyer and george stephanopoulos hosting. now to the big weather news. hailstorms and at least one tornado. five states in the midwest took a beating last night. this large and nasty storm system is moving east with more states bracing for wild weather today. ginger zee, right before she plans her jump from the outer reaches of outer space is going give us the forecast first. >> we have to get right into it. this is what happened yesterday. october is no stranger to severe weather. october in the u.s. we had that one likely, but
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three reported, between college station, texas, and austin. other than that, a lot of blue and yellow dots. what that represents is damaging wind and hail. we have the video to prove it. this is from just along the texas state line in southern and central oklahoma. blinding rain. plenty of lightning. the winds up to 80 miles per hour that caused quite a bit of damage. we saw hail. one inch to larger. quarter-sized in some places. a big thanks to ktxs for sending those photos, my friends julie and michelle there. today, we have to warn those folks who are in the cross hairs. from indianapolis to louisville, memphis, south to houston. along the same cold front, we'll be watching for storms. rain in northern michigan. it will come on the top of this. so much more coming up in the nation's weather, including a check of the tropics. that's right. it's still hurricane season. bianna? >> all right, ginger, thank you.
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well, it's billed as the free fall from the edge of space. at this hour, felix baumgartner is preparing a death-defying sky dive. the highest ever. it will see him break the sound barrier. as he plummets to earth up to 700 miles an hour. he's ready to give it another go today. ryan owens is in roswell, new mexico. how's it looking, ryan? >> reporter: you know more than most how hard it is to get a body moving on a sunday morning. but how about this. think about going from 0 to 700 miles an hour in 35 seconds. that is what this daredevil is going to attempt to do from the launch pad behind me with a leap right into the record books. >> no airplane ever did what the xs-1 is about to do. >> reporter: 65 years to the day after test pilot chuck yeager broke the sound barrier in a supersonic jet, sky diver felix
8:15 am
baumgartner is trying to do it with just his body. he plans to jump from 23 miles above the new mexican desert. that's four times higher than most passenger planes fly. >> i like to be in the air. it's my second home. it's where i belong. >> reporter: it may feel like home, but getting there has been a struggle. he's hitching a ride to the edge of space in a balloon that is 55 stories high. winds of just two miles an hour and it can't launch. >> whoa, gusty winds are taking that balloon down now. >> reporter: that's what happened last week when felix tried to set the record. >> abort due to gusty winds. and a very disappointed felix baumgartner. >> reporter: this morning, he's hoping to go for it again. you can hardly blame him for wanting to get it over with. he's trained for five years. preparing his body for the stress and the real danger of falling farther, faster than any human has. >> when he steps off the capsule, there's virtually no air. he's in a vacuum. he has no control.
8:16 am
if he steps off goofy, pushes harder with one foot, it could induce a turn. and that's where we could get into this thing that everybody talks about, this flat spin. >> reporter: there is so much that can go wrong, especially right after he jumps that his team has started calling that the 35 seconds of terror, which brings us to the real question of why would someone want to do this? well it's not just to get in the record books. they are hoping that scientists in the future will be able to design a better, stronger space suit for future astronauts, dan? >> fair enough. i try to still avoid a project that involves anything that is called 35 seconds of terror. thank you, ryan. moving on to a different story. what do willie nelson, snoop dogg and fiona apple have in common? they or their entourages have all been busted with drugs in
8:17 am
the police stop to the stars. it's a checkpoint in texas. this morning, another celebrity caught in the sting. this morning, nelly. abc's mark greenblatt with the story. ♪ hey, must be the money >> reporter: rapper nelly is famous for award winning music. ♪ my wife, she left me >> reporter: the tough-talking texas officers weren't asking for autographs after finding drugs on his tour bus. they didn't arrest nelly. they traced the drugs to his security manager's suitcase instead. the rapper said neither i nor anyone else on the tour bus knew he had them. the bust went down in place starting to be called the border check point to the stars. officers look for drugs in vehicles from mexico or just driving through from hollywood. ♪ i've been a bad bad girl >> reporter: but everyone heard about it when the checkpoint busted fiona apple with hashish. she spent a night in jail.
8:18 am
and the same checkpoint snared willie nelson in 2010. ♪ south of the border down mexico way ♪ >> reporter: snoop dogg railed against that arrest to tmz back then. >> willie nelson is a legend. sometime use have to back up off people that have a certain amount of respect. >> reporter: early this year, snoop found himself under arrest for misdemeanor possession of marijuana. he got invited for a look at the jail from the inside. even the guy that played the winklevoss twins had trouble here. he had marijuana brownies. >> somebody's got get the word to them. if you're driving cross-country, you don't take drugs with you. if you're on i-10 in texas, you're going to be caught. >> reporter: and snoopdogg,
8:19 am
willie nelson, paid fines for felony, rather misdemeanor possession of substances. >> if you're going to drive with drugs, don't go through there. >> know better. >> thanks, mark. time for a check of the weather. over back to ginger. >> tip taken. i won't forget that. kidding. i won't be doing that. let's get into tropical storm rafael. the tropical storm will likely turn into a hurricane but it won't hit u.s. land. bermuda will be close to the rain and wind. still a category 1 on wednesday. staying that way. i want to leave you with an important note. more rain to seattle and portland. especially seattle. some of the cities there, one to three inches. some of the cascades even more. a nicer, more mild day in parts of the northeast. chilly in portland, waking up with snow in the mountains at 56.
8:20 am
>> we have some amazing photos of the northern lights coming up. stick around in the next half hour for that. >> can't wait to see that. thank you, ginger. we're going turn now to a story about a tough 16-year-old girl. six weeks ago, she was in the hospital with a potentially lethal flesh-residenting bacteria. >> she's back home now, just in time for her homecoming, after 17 surgeries. abc's reena ninan is in washington with the story. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you.
8:21 am
those high school years can be tough. add to the mix, coping with a flesh-eating bacteria disease. making it nearly impossible to walk or run. one high schooler refuses to let the disease define her. >> hi! >> reporter: giddy. glowing. and grateful to be alive. ♪ get funky >> reporter: 16-year-old alexis hanford was all smiles saturday as she prepared for her high school's homecoming dance in maryland. >> you look nice. >> thank you. >> she still seems like she's okay and happy to be alive and happy to be able to participate in these things. as a parent, that's awesome. >> three, two, one, go, haley! >> reporter: barely two months ago after playing in this lake with her sister, haley, the former soccer player was hospitalized with a rare strain
8:22 am
of flesh-eating bacteria. >> i went off a rope swing. when i fell into the water, i hit my leg. it actually was really bad. >> reporter: over the course of several weeks, hanford endured 18 surgeries. she celebrated her sweet 16 with new wheels. >> every surgery you wait in the waiting room wondering what they found and what would need to be removed or what was still left and was healthy. >> i lost a lot of use in my leg. but, i haven't lost my leg. >> reporter: though not yet well enough to return full-time, the redhead stopped by school friday long enough to be crowned homecoming princess. >> it was amazing to be crowned and i'm guessing, probably, since i've been away for so long, they just probably wanted me to know that i'm still included in the school. i can't explain how much that
8:23 am
means to me. >> reporter: she was declared a princess this week, but fought hard to be a survivor for life. alexis will now be tutored at home, hoping to takes extra classes over the summer to be on track with the rest of her graduating class. dan and bianna? >> she is beautiful. she can still dance. i admire that. thank you. coming up, check out this surveillance video. a woman in scrubs. she looks like a nurse. police say she's not. her alleged racket coming up. and the search for a missing dog goes viral. we'll tell you how the owner of this little chihuahua got so many people online to help look for her beloved pet. >> including some a-listers. quite an incredible search coming up. and coming up, mama oprah. an exclusive interview with oprah. her emotional journey leading up to the first graduating class of her south african school for girls. one on one with oprah winfrey coming up here on "gma" on this sunday morning. we'll see you soon. music: "make someone happy"
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dit's just that simple, i mean, needit's a no brainer.and. anncr: every year marylanders spend five hundred and fifty... million at casinos in west virginia, delaware... and pennsylvania. one west virginia paper calls it a "cash cow" for them. but its cost maryland over one billion dollars. money that could have created good jobs and...
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better schools for us. question seven keeps maryland money in maryland. david smallwood: question seven, i think it will be a... good thing for the state of maryland. ♪ put my love on top from a labor of love to a soce of inspiration. in an abc news exclusive, oprah winfrey talks about her school for girls in south africa, her pride over the first graduating class, and the special bond she shares with the students who call her mom oprah. good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. a project she's worked on for so many years. >> she is really emotional about this. good morning, everybody. i'm dan harris. this is sunday, october 14th. also coming up, how far would you go if your pet went missing? coming up, the story of a chihuahua named myrtle. there she is, looking regal right there.
8:31 am
the all-out search by her owner going digital and now getting a-list support. >> pets are like their family, right? all-out mission. and a risky stunt that begins with man on a high bar placed at the edge of a cliff. what could possibly go wrong? you name it. but we begin this half hour with the hunt for a fake nurse. police say she was caught on camera wearing a nurse's outfit spending money she stole from patients at an assisted living facility in florida. police say that might not be the only facility she scammed. john muller has the story. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. it's amazing what the right outfit can do. the suspect probably spent 100 bucks on a white lab coat and scrubs. police say she parlayed that into thousands of dollars stolen from the elderly. the crimes happened last month. the pictures just released. she certainly looks the start on
8:32 am
video tape. dressed in scrubs and wearing a white lab coat, this would-be nurse is on a spending spree. she's not a nurse. and the credit card she tries to use is stolen. police say the unknown suspect used the same scrubs and lab coat to walk into two assisted living facilities in the orlando ea. stealing from unsuspecting senior, in some cases right under their noses. >> she wears medical-looking scrubs t-shirt and the pants. she could walk around and steal anything she wanted to. >> reporter: that's exactly what she did to a 92-year-old man, making off with his credit card and attempting to charge 4,000 bucks at a local target. she also racked up a $600 charge at the apple store. >> it's wrong. those people are so innocent. >> reporter: fake nurses stealing from innocents in hospital is not new. the target has often been newborns. in august, a 48-year-old woman seen here tried to carry a newborn out of a california hospital in a duffel bag. the infant's monitoring bracelet
8:33 am
shut the hospital down. and allowed authorities to track down the suspect before she got away. also in august, police arrested a 19-year-old in pittsburgh who pretended to be a nurse and snuck out with a 3-day-old infant. >> it's scary. it's somebody who is purposely taking advantage of a vulnerable population. >> reporter: there is definitely a lesson here for all of us. watch your valuables. don't take anything for granted just because someone is wearing a uniform. and by the way, if you recognize the suspect in the surveillance video, police in winter haven, florida, would love to hear from you. bianna? dan? >> good point. go to any store and buy almost any uniform you want. >> reporter: people just give way to authority. >> thank you, john. time for a check of the morning's other headlines. for that, back to ron. >> good morning, dan, bianna, everyone. in the news, president obama
8:34 am
and mitt romney are taking time off the campaign trail to prep for tuesday's big debate. three weeks before election day. a pakistani girl shot by the taliban for speaking out for education for girls is showing improvement. she was able to move her legs and hands after the sedative was reduced. the captain of the ship that went aground in january is now suing, claiming wrongful termination. francesco schettino is charged with abandoning the ship. finally, get ready for this one, the million-muppet march. two men are planning the demonstration to defend public funding for pbs, after mitt romney's comments about the muppets and big bird in the first presidential debate. it is scheduled for three days before the election. that could change everything. >> that's game-changer. time for the weather and over to ginger zee. >> let's start with aurora
8:35 am
borealis. if you have never seen the northern lights, you get to see them right now. nice pictures from doug kiesling. whoa, look at those. maybe you'll get some clear nights to watch. a clear morning in some spots and cooling down. international falls, 28. can you find the cold front? it's pretty evident. 64 in chicago. they have already had their high. it will only go down from there. indianapolis, almost 70 earlier in morning. the cold front is out there. it will create storms. some places storms will be severe. parts of the nation. but not in florida. just a little bit off-and-on thunderstorm action. miami, so wet. 88 for a high. they're four inches from the wettest year ever on record. we'll keep an eye on the storms in the center of the nation. for now, that's the big picture.
8:36 am
>> this weather report brought to you by planet fitness. dan and bianna? >> thank you, ginger. now to the search for myrtle, the chihuahua. she went missing in brooklyn last week. the owner is trying to use social media to find her. >> danielle launched an online campaign asking people to help her look for myrtle. >> i just started tweeting all the time. i put up a blog about her. a facebook fan page. it's amazing. random people that i don't know are doing all this work to help find her. >> she's gotten quite a response. celebrities have been retweeting her, including two comedians. horatio sanz and john hogeman. "newsweek" is hosting her blog. she's been blogging about every twist and turn in the search. sadly, though, no sign of myrtle. >> still hoping, though. >> we're pulling for her. coming up on "gma," our exclusive one on one. mama oprah opening up about her
8:37 am
wrenching emotional journey with a group of south african girls. and would you let your baby ride in this? i say no. we'll meet the father who created the fastest stroller on wheels. is that even legal? >> yeah, bad idea, everyone. coming up here on "gma." >> yeah, bad idea, everyone. i'm done!
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♪ you put my love on top top top ♪ well, "forbes" magazine estimates that oprah winfrey has given a whopping $400 million to education. one of the things closest to her heart is celebrating a milestone. >> in an exclusive interview with abc's juju chang, oprah talked about the journey with her school for girls in africa, where the first class recently graduated. >> i have never been more proud. i think you all were exemplary. >> reporter: oprah's life is as full as ever since leaving her throne as the queen of talk. she always finds time for the girls at the oprah winfrey leadership academy. are you happier? busier? how's your life? compare. >> what has brought me the greatest joy.
8:42 am
completely unexpected. getting to step into the mother role. being a real mother, friend, companion, adviser, comforter. i didn't know that i would love it so much. >> reporter: the maternal bonding began five years ago as a leap of philanthropic faith. inspired by the venerable nelson mandela. >> what is the single, life-changing trajectory changing moment for me was being exposed to a world of education. so, i just wanted to do that for somebody else. >> reporter: out of thousands of applicants, oprah hand-picked 72 girls. >> i think that you are good enough. >> reporter: girls that experienced trauma and the hardships ingrained in poverty. girls like a young oprah winfrey. this is not unlike the way you grew up. >> at the time i grew up in mississippi, it was very much like south africa. segregated schools, no running water, no electricity. you will be a part of the very first class of the oprah winfrey academy.
8:43 am
>> reporter: one of the moments that so captured the gap you're trying to bridge with these girls is when they react to the plumbing. >> oh, yeah. that is one of my favorite moments. >> reporter: me, too. >> talk about favorite things. they were excited about the plumbing. because it means, i can take a shower. i don't have to go and find buckets of water. i can flush the toilet! >> reporter: but there was scandal. a female dorm adviser was charged with molesting some of the girls, oprah fired her and flew to africa to personally apologize. >> you learn from mistakes. you learn by doing. if i had to do it over again, i probably wouldn't have done it this way. >> reporter: the documentary, the first aduating class, follows the girls' journey. >> i was think about this day with them, walking in triumph across this stage in their white dresses. >> ladies and gentlemen, the class of 2011.
8:44 am
>> reporter: so like any nervous mom sending kids off to college, six of them in the u.s., shopping for dorm furnishings with them left her feeling like an empty-nester. >> the first morning, we were all going to -- i can't believe i'm weeping over target and bed, bath, & beyond. the minute we were shopping for their college dorms it -- it was the moment it hit me. >> reporter: it's been a long journey, too, for oprah. her cable network has struggl , ed but is recently attracting more viewers. >> i look at it as i was climbing kilimanjaro. i had my head to the ground and one foot in front of the other. now, i can see the summit. >> reporter: isn't that nice. >> i can see the summit. >> reporter: for "good morning america," i'm juju chang in washington, d.c. >> you never know who you'll run into back-to-school shopping at target. could be mama oprah.
8:45 am
the inspiring documentary, "the first graduating class" airs tonight on own. and coming up here on "gma," it's our weekly festival of the absurd. check this guy out. it's a stunt pitting one man against gravity. guess who wins? it's part of our "fixation" segment coming up after the break. ♪ you're my obsession "fixation" segment coming up after the break. biking can be really tough on the lower back and your upper thighs. you have some nasty aches and pains. i really like advil® because it takes care of it all. neck ache, shoulder pain and definitely lower back pain. i use advil® because my wife, she's a nurse, she recommended it. [ male announcer ] make the switch. take action. take advil®. and if pain keeps you up, sleep better with advil® pm. i just wish i could keep it this way. [ male announcer ] now you can. with the crest pro-health clinical line. used together, they help keep your teeth 97% as clean as a dental cleaning. the toothpaste actually reduces plaque.
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♪ you are an obsession you're my obsession ♪ "fixation." we show you stories that caught our attention this week. i'm going to begin. there's an inventor in england who is also a father, he decided to create the world's fastest pram, that's the name for a british stroller. he's convinced it can go 50 miles an hour. >> what is the british phrase for maniac? >> or what's the point?
8:50 am
>> or child protective services. but there is no child used in this race in the video. >> you don't know this. we put jake, your baby, in there. >> jakey! was ron babysitting? >> blame that one on me? >> jakey. >> that's cute. >> ginger, what do you got? >> next for me would not be b.a.s.e. jumping. this guy is not only a gymnast, a b.a.s.e. jumper, a surgeon. he put the loves of his life together. >> oh, no! >> that's richard. he fell over 1200 meters. >> how is he okay? >> he has done that before. he has a parachute. that's what b.a.s.e. jumpers have. >> it was an inelegant beginning to an otherwise successful dive. >> everybody knows that martha raddatz did a great job at the debate.
8:51 am
buzz feed, a major website created a contributribute, calld superbadass moderator. >> i was once in a briefing. my cell phone went off. my son had put in chamillionaire's "riding dirty." ♪ they see me rollin' >> can you solve this in two months before spring? they're acting like they don't want one, though. >> the facts matter, martha. >> what about bob gates' statement? let me read that again. could prove catastrophic. >> chamillionaire has seen this. and he tweeted. i can't lie. that made my night. i appreciate it. martha sent me an e-mail saying she loves this video and so does her son. we'll be right back. >> wait! >> wait! [ bonnie ] i felt, with sensitive teeth, i had limits put on me.
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you know in the name of fairness, we ran out of time. ron can do his fixation. take us home. say good-bye to america. >> bye, america. watch david muir tonight on "world news." we're always online at om.
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